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RP-IP509 Broadband router.

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Product specification:

Memory Flash 512KB; DRAM 2MB
LAN ports 4x RJ45,
10/100 Mbps with Auto-MDI/MDIX
WAN ports 1x RJ45,
10/100 Mbps with Auto-MDI/MDIX
Power 9V DC 1A
Firmware dedicated LINUX kernel
Management WWW
Supported WAN types static IP,
dynamic IP (DHCP Client),
PPP over Ethernet,
Dial-Up Network
Connection Scheme Connect on Demand / Auto-Disconnect,
Manually Connect/Disconnect,
Auto Reconnect
NAT Functionality One-to-Many NAT,
One-to-One NAT,
Virtual Server,
Special Application,
DMZ Host
Access Control MAC-level Access Control,
Inbound/Outbound IP Filter,
Domain Access Control
Firewall NAT Firewall with SPI mode,
DoS Detection
Event Logging On-web logging,
Syslog supported
Price: 107.00 PLN / pcs  Price: 26.00 € / pcs   

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