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Media converter 101001000M MM SC 850nm 550m

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Technical specification :

Standards IEEE 802.3z/ab
Port #1 10/100/1000 Mbps RJ-45
Port #1 range 100 m
Port #2 SC MM
TX wave 850 nm
RX wave 850 nm
Port #2 range 550 m
Casing metal / module
Dimensions 156x128x32 mm
Weight 790 g
Operating temperature 0C 70C
Operating humidity 5% 90%, non-condensing
Powering internal ~230V AC 50Hz
Certificates FCC, Class A, CE
Warranty 12 months
Price: 389.00 PLN / pcs  Price: 88.41 € / pcs    Add to the basket.

#20673   Media converter 101001000M MM SC 850nm 550m88.41 EUR
#20674   Media converter 101001000M SM SC 1310nm 10km90.68 EUR
#20802   Media converter 10100M MM SC 1310nm 2km33.86 EUR
#20675   Media converter 10100M MM SC 850nm 2km33.86 EUR
#20676   Media converter 10100M SM SC 1310nm 25km36.14 EUR
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