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Access sensor Sky Control SC530

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At installation on doors, windows, etc., sensor controls status of door, window: opened, closed.

Technical specifications
Using patch-cable RJ-12 sensor is connected to an analog input of any system unit. Determination of sensor's type and connection occur automatically. One of devices in the kit,
for example,
is mounted on a door; the second device is mounted on a jamb of a door. At opening a door contact is disconnected,
and system of monitoring receives notification on opening. The first sensor is connected using patch-cable RJ-12 to an analog input of the system unit,
the consequent sensor is connected via patch-cable RJ-12 to an output of the first sensor and so on.
Supply includes
Contact sensor,
4-wired patch cable RJ-12 (2m),
two screws 4.8×16mm,
2 screws M5 and 2 nuts,
double sided sticker.
Net weight
Dimensions (LHW)
Two compact devices with dimensions 60×18×18mm



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